Motorola A1000 – Missed opportunity



As one would expect from a touchscreen smartphone, organizer functions are well fleshed out. The calendar app supports month, week and day view with coloured block occupying an appointment’s time slot in all of these views.

If I want to add a new entry I have tons of fields at my disposal to do so such as date, time, duration, location and reminders. Events can be recurrent and can also be sorted in folders. The fields are especially picked to allow seamless synchronization with Outlook and its rigid data structures at the time. This is a very important aspect and a big bonus for those business users considering Motorola’s smartphone.

Any event can be transferred immediately to the to-do list. This action (we are warned) is irreverisble. Despite being able to move events back from the to-do list, many of its attributes were already lost in the previous process. The to-do list itself is straightforward and to the point allowing the user to set deadlines and reminders.

The clock app displays the time in an elegant, analogue fashion together with the current date and other info such as current week number and location. Below all this info we can have one extra clock from another time zone. The user can set up to 3 alarms which can be quite customizable, including making them recurrent. They can be activated and deactivated easily by just tapping a checkbox.

A notable difference from its predecessors is the inclusion of the Picsel Viewer. This is a Microsoft Office documents reader that can also open PDF files and pictures.

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