Motorola A1000 – Missed opportunity


Image and Sound

The phone does have an image browser which displays thumbnails in a 3×3 grid, a precursor to the galleries of today. Images can be organized in folders, but just like contacts you have to do it one at a time.


This app also allows for some simple editing operations such as adding preset frames or coloured stamps or even drawing with the stylus.

Music players were just starting to become commonplace in mobile phones and the A1000 is not an exception. The included one can view music files by folders which also act as playlists. This is rather useful considering the app doesn’t support creating them. The shuffle feature is weirdly absent, but the repeat one is there. The audio quality through the integrated speakers is quite decent, way above the competition in terms of volume and clarity.

Other Apps

The calculator is pretty simple and it uses a classic desktop calculator layout to make using it a breeze and to bring a sense of familiarity. It includes basic functions as well as square root and percent. A unit converter is not present, but can be easily installed afterwards.


The voice recorder doesn’t have a time limit for its clips and shows the recording size on disk in real time as well as remaining memory allowing for careful monitoring of available resources. Sadly, the duration is not displayed in real time, oddly enough.

There’s also a note taking app which even has support for creating lists. Each entry has two sections, one for entering text and one for drawing with the stylus. This app takes full advantage of the phone’s touchscreen capabilities. Of course, writing or drawing on a resistive screen is more frustrating then satisfying, but at least it’s there if you need it.

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