Motorola A1000 – Missed opportunity



Motorola A1000 has two cameras, a main one on the back with a 1.3MP CMOS sensor and a front one for video calling with a VGA resolution (0.3MP, 640×480).


The camera app is really simplistic with a viewfinder in the middle with camera status and remaining pictures displayed immediately under. The capture button is big and round while below that there are buttons for swithing between cameras and between video and photo mode.

Photo settings are few and revolve around image size and quality, white balance and flicker correction. There’s also a low-light mode. Taking a photo takes several seconds from the moment the button is pressed and the capture sound is made until we have a picture ready for saving. All this time you need to keep the phone perfectly still or else run the risk of coming up with a blurry photo.

There is no autofocus just like the majority of the phones back then. Photo quality is quite underwhelming. The images are quite noisy in artificial light while sunlight brings out the lens’ weaknesses. We get barrel distortion towards the edges as well as a lack of detail even at 1.3MP resolution. The main camera doesn’t take VGA photos: the Medium setting takes QVGA (240×320) photos, while the Small size is for MMS messages. Full-resolution photos take up anywhere between 250KB and 400KB depending on the contents while QVGA ones only reach about 15-30KB.

The front camera is even worse with severe loss of detail and a generally blurry output and a general lack of focus.

Both cameras can film video in QCIF (176×144) resolution and mp4 format with a maximum duration of 60 seconds. Cameras cannot be switched while shooting and video files reach about 400-500KB at full length.

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