Motorola confirms a foldable phone is coming

We’ve had quite a few hints and reports about a remake of the classic Motorola RAZR flip phone in a modern foldable format. A patent has surfaced and there was also a report in The Wall Street Journal practically confirming those plans. Despite this, Motorola has been quite mum on the subject. This week, though, Engadget has had an interview with Motorola’s VP of Global Product, Dan Dery. He has stated that Motorola has started working on foldable phones for quite some time and have gone through many iterations. He also subtly hinted at an upcoming release. The Wall Street Journal suggested that the foldable would launch by the end of February, but that’s clearly not happening now that March is knocking on our door. Reportedly, Dery has said that they had no intention of lagging behind the competition, and seeing that the Galaxy Fold launches in April and the Huawei Mate X in mid 2019, it is safe to assume that Motorola will have something for us to drool over by the middle of the year.

Dery has made several other comments hinting to the potential design of the upcoming device, including the fact that the display wouldn’t be on the outside like Huawei’s solution and that they have explored flexible POLEDs as well as dual-hinged formats that fold twice while leaving only a third of the display exposed. You can read the whole interview at the source link below to judge for yourself whether Dan Dery is hinting at the RAZR remake we’re all hoping for or something else.

Source: Engadget

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