Doom (I) – The Shores of Hell

No story about the history of FPS or indeed gaming in general cannot commence without remembering Doom or its creators, id Software. As someone who grew up with a 486 computer in my home it’s still difficult to wrap my head around the fact that it’s been some 25 years since it was released in december 1993. It wasn’t the first FPS ever, its predecessor Wolfenstein 3D holds that title, but Doom simply blew it out of the water in terms of graphics, atmosphere and gameplay bringing its substantial contribution to cementing the PC’s role as a truly awesome gaming platform. Doom is for shooters what Mario was for platformers.

Many of you perhaps share a special bond with Doom, as this is for many of us the title that helped discover PC gaming. I for one have many childhood memories of playing this on the few and far between PC’s at my parents’ workplace and then on my own. The sense of awe when at the end of the first episode (the only one that was available as shareware) the two Barons of Hell appear flanking the player or the emotion and fear when a cacodemon first made its appearance (for those lucky ones that got a hold of the full version) are feelings that have stayed with me throughout the years. I loved this game so much that I even have my own cacodemon plushie watching me from my desk.

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