Is HMD Planning a Nokia N9 Remake?

Următorul telefon nostalgic de la Nokia?

A recent rumour comes from KaiOS Technologies’ official facebook page. It comes in the form of a rather controversial photo containing 3 phones, all pretty well known at a first glance. On the right we have a Jio phone, on the left we have the well-known Nokia 8110 4G, while in the middle there is what looks like a Nokia N9. Two of those are known to run KaiOS which would likely mean that HMD is intending to bring back the famous N9 design from 2011 with polycarbonate unibody bodies sporting lively colours. Many remember that the N9 used to run Meego, a Linux-based OS which hasnt really seen much development beyond that model, since Nokia had been acquired by Microsoft by that point. The closest thing we’ve seen to an evolution of Meego has been Sailfish OS developed by part of the Nokia Meego team from 2011.

HMD Global has brought a classic nokia throwback each year at the MWC in Barcelona so maybe this year will be the year of the N9 all the while coming up with a touchscreen interface for the Android-based KaiOS. We only have a few more weeks until we will find out what HMD come up with to feed our hunger for nostalgia.

Source: NokiaPowerUser

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