Motorola launches the new Razr with a 6.2″ flexible screen

Having been the most rumoured phone of this year, the revival of Motorola’s classic RAZR is here and it aims to revive the foldable phone scene, just like the original redefined it so many years ago. Just like it was rumoured, the reimagined RAZR makes use of a 6.2″ foldable screen and an external touchscreen for quick operation and selfies. This phone is meant to strike a chord with nostalgics and to show off new possibilities that flexible displays can offer. It is a fashion phone through and through and it shows, especially in terms of hardware as we’ll see in a moment.

It is clearly not flagship material in terms of computing power, as it runs on a mid-range Snapdragon 710 coupled with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and has only two cameras, one below the external display acting as the main camera and a front-facing one residing inside a notch on the display. The main unit has a 16MP f/1.7 sensor with electronic stabilization, Dual Pixel AF and Laser AF and has a dual-LED flash beside it. The selfie camera has 5MP and f/2.0 with no flash. A mobile photographer this phone ain’t.

Of course, the main selling point is the foldable screen which is a pOLED (Plastic OLED) with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2142×876 pixels. Motorola has dubbed it Cinemavision. The secondary screen has 2.7″ in diagonal and its of the OLED sort having a resolution of 600×800 pixels. This latter one lets you use the phone without unfolding for taking and making calls, taking selfies and changing the odd setting or two. There is app continuity between the displays, just like in the Galaxy Fold, but it’s a different concept altogether. The (small number of) apps that can be run on the small screen appear with full functionality on the main display after opening the phone. Motorola said they will look into what other apps can be coerced to run in a compact mode on the small screen in a bid to extend its usefulness (quickly controlling your digital home, maybe?)

The new RAZR runs Android Pie while two batteries (one in each half of the phone, not unlike the Galaxy Fold) adding up to 2,510mAh keep it alive. It has 15W TurboPower charging so it should top up quite fast. It might not seem like much and indeed it isn’t, but it’s clear that Motorola had to do something to keep the profile slim akin to the original model and they claim that the batteries will keep your phone alive for a day of use.

It will be available in a single colour, Noir Black and is expected to cost $1,500. The official price and launch date haven’t been announced yet.

Source: GSMArena

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