Xiaomi supposedly working on their own foldable phone

Xiaomi împrumuta ecrane de la Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is undeniably the best made foldable phone so far, offering a familiar clamshell design alongside true flagship specs (albeit from late 2019). It seems that Xiaomi want to join the foldable game and go for the Z Flip directly.

ZDNet Korea and xda-developers report that Xiaomi has forwarded a request to Samsung Display for a foldable clamshell screen. It is believed that Xiaomi has asked for the same or a similar screen to the Z Flip’s, a clear indication of the type of foldable the company has in mind. Some sources say that they are also considering LG to supply the display, while other flexible display manufacturers such as BOE and CSOT were left out because of the quality gap between their offerings and Samsung’s.

ZDNet points out the fact that Xiaomi also wants to employ a similar hinge, allowing their device to also open at variable angles, taking advantage of Flex mode which Google recently officially added to the YouTube app.

Mass production of this device is expected to begin in the second half of 2020 which means we could see Xiaomi’s response to the Z Flip by the end of the year, or maybe at the beginning of 2021. As Xiaomi has built its market and renown over the years on offering affordable flagships and undercutting major manufacturers, the foldable market will probably being to be more competitive soon, all of this to the advantage of the end-user. Hopefully.

Source: AndroidAuthority

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